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Noel Scanlon Novelist

"Fast moving. The background is colourful and very convincing."Irish Independent

"Full marks to Mr Scanlon for background on this one. He has lived and worked for years in the Middle East and obviously knows what he is writing about at first hand. Furthermore he knows the Arabs, their hopes and fears, their ambitions to Arabise the West and their present frightening power. He is also aware of the flaws in that power - the jealousies, the lust for pointless violence, and the clash of policy between the various paramilitary groups. It's an exciting read with a guaranteed thrill on each page." The Irish Times

"Tension and adventure in Southern Arabia. The background and detail of the events are splendidly authentic." The London Times

"Many years in the Middle East and India plus a degree in Arabic studies have qualified Noel Scanlon to write a book about Arabia. He tells of a web of international intrigue and an incredible journey across the sands of Arabia's Empty Quarter. No book could be better timed from the topicality angle." Sunday Independent

"A whopping good read." Sunday World

"The setting is the queasy world of Southern Arabian politics. The author obviously has an inside knowledge of the Middle East." Belfast Telegraph

"Apart from containing a lively action story, Noel Scanlon's novel is of considerable interest for what it conveys and tells about life in the Arab world. It lends itself for reference to the introductory chapter of 'the Seven Pillars of Wisdom' by T E Lawrence. The Peninsula of Arabia is one of the huge fulcrums of international affairs and Noel Scanlon could not command such a historical perspective through dialogue unless he himself had much first-hand experience of the territory and its people of which he writes." Australian Press

"Irish writer Scanlon's colloquial style is charmingly deadpan." Kirkus Review. USA

"A rattling good and topical yarn about guerrilla action in an oil producing state in Arabia." Derby Evening Telegraph

"Bang up to date. Full of authentic atmosphere." Gloucester Citizen

"Worth reading for its desert scenes and insights into tribal ways." Daily Telegraph

"As immediate as today's petrol prices. The author draws skilfully and unreservedly upon his experiences and knowledge of the new power centre of the world. While the action is fast and furious and as exotic as the new settings, there are interesting passages of analysis and intelligent appraisal. It can be read as a good action story and on a deeper level as a reshaping of economic blueprints." Western People

"A novel written for the times we live in - oil, Arabs, guerrillas and international politics.." South African Daily Despatch

"First-class adventure that has the additional merit of being close to the troubled relationships in the Middle East and written with the assurance derived from many years spent in the Arab Jewish world." Evening News

"Bang up to date. a fast moving story. Must set the reading wondering 'I know it's fiction but I wonder if this really goes on. A smashing yarn." Evening Echo Bournemouth

"A nail biting thriller, impeccably backgrounded." Evening Press

"A timely brisk and bubbly tale of power struggle, intrigue and adventure in the Middle East." Tribune

"There is no denying the timeliness and authenticity of this novel with some excellent descriptions of the desert. The dialogue and general description of the Arab characters is thoughtful and realistic and it is the picture Mr Scanlon gives us of the Arabs themselves that one enjoys most. A rattling yarn about political mayhem in a desert state in Southern Arabia." Hibernia

"The tension builds splendidly." Southern Evening Echo

"An up-to-the minute thriller. Mr Scanlon brings to his story keen insight and colourful detail." Western Daily Press

"The author writes of Arabia with skill and obvious knowledge and understanding. His novel makes very interesting reading and a grim picture of guerrilla war in the intense heat, the appalling cruelties practised, the poverty and misery in the midst of legendary wealth and luxury." Irish Press

"A resourceful hero, a taut situation with much high-level nail biting and an author who never slackens his grip." Methodist Recorder

"It's a good tale, with a very topical angle." National Newsagents and Books

"A fast-moving thriller with an interesting and highly authentic Arab background." The Birmingham Post

"Highly readable. Full of freshness and originality. Grabs you from the opening and holds you all the way to the last full stop." Gordon Thomas


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