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About Noel Scanlon

Noel Scanlon Novelist in his study
Noel Scanlon is an Irish writer living in the wonderfully scenic West of Ireland.

Though he always wanted to write he started off with a career in international banking in the Middle East and India over a period of twenty years.

After graduating from MECAS, the British Foreign office Arabic language and culture institute in Shemlan, Lebanon, he lived in Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain, Aden, Mukalla in the Hadhramut, the Oman and other parts of the Gulf where through his work he became acquainted with a number of the Gulf Sheikhs, in particular Sultan Qaboos of Muscat and Oman.

Though he was mostly in the Middle East he also lived in India in Bombay, Calcutta, and Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

All of these places provided him with the settings for his novels.

Because he didn't find banking fulfilling on account of always having had a compulsion to write, he gave up banking and went to live in a cottage in Achill, in the west of Ireland.

After many years in Achill Island in the West of Ireland, he now lives in Newport, County Mayo.

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Noel Scanlon's Publishing History

Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia
Quinn ( an adventure thriller set in Arabia) John Murray
Quinn and the Desert Oil. John Murray
Apparitions (set in Ireland and India) Robert Hale
Black Ashes (set in India) Robert Hale
The Gulf ( thriller) Thriller Publications

Apparitions: mass paperback: Critic's Choice, New York
Black Ashes: hard back St Martin's Press, New York
This edition was a book club choice
Black Ashes: mass paperback St Martin's Press, New York
Also plays and documentaries